Disruptive innovation:
Creating a market where you are the standard to follow

They became market leaders

Despite a strong focus on innovation, a medium-sized subsidiary of a sports equipment group was struggling to bring about sustained growth and to differentiate itself from its competitors. We helped its management strengthen its innovation process. With our counsel, the business carried out a disruptive innovation and became the uncontested leader of a rapidly growing segment of its market. As a result, they obtained the best growth and profitability results of the whole group.

They cleared the path for growth

A small business was experiencing difficulties in making the sales figures for its high-tech BtoB products grow. We accompanied its management team in clearing the obstacles to growth in its domain. We led an enquiry on the latent needs of its customers. We brought to light the steps that that were key to successfully develop the business’ innovation. The business experienced growth once more by adjusting its sales & services strategy and product development priorities.

They took advantage of opportunities

A large Telecommunications group was confronted with disruptions that were both frequent and severe. We accompanied their strategy division in coming up with a method to analyze the disruptions and identify new opportunities. Together we applied this method to three major disruptions that allowed us to detect new growth drivers.


Conférence, 4 october 2018
Quimper-Cornouaille Technolopole, Quimper, France

Conference, 21 june & 19 july 2018
"Risks of disruption in the Accountancy Expertise Profession"
"The innovation communities' contributions to face disruption"
CEG's days at the Espace Athènes, Paris, France

Workshop, 28 may 2018
"Innovation communities"
Innovation Day 2018, at the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci,
Paris La Défense, France