Disruptive innovation:
Creating a market where you are the standard to follow

Detecting weak signals

The Farwind method helps you detect weak signals that are indicators of the coming changes in your environment. It enables you to select those that will be decisive in provoking a disruption in market trends. It gives you the means to anticipate the way in which weak signals will change the rules of the game and create new opportunities.

Finding the disruptive innovation

The detection of new opportunities allows you to go beyond the mental framework shared by all current market players. Together we create a framework that becomes a source of inspiration for innovations. We create a disruptive innovation that by far surpasses current solutions. It is superior to them in two ways:
-It is an offer that provides benefits that are much larger than those of existing offers.
-It is a set of operational processes that is both much more efficient and less costly.

Making the innovation your own

We help you make the innovation simple and obvious for your team. Together we ensure that each and every member finds his place and his role in its implementation. We define tangible action plans that are sequenced in time. We help you adjust your actions in real time according to how your customers react to the innovation.


Conférence, 4 october 2018
Quimper-Cornouaille Technolopole, Quimper, France

Conference, 21 june & 19 july 2018
"Risks of disruption in the Accountancy Expertise Profession"
"The innovation communities' contributions to face disruption"
CEG's days at the Espace Athènes, Paris, France

Workshop, 28 may 2018
"Innovation communities"
Innovation Day 2018, at the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci,
Paris La Défense, France