Disruptive innovation:
Creating a market where you are the standard to follow

The power of a team of many talents,
the adaptability of a network

Farwind consulting works with a team of highly specialized experts gathered within Benoît Sarazin’s network. Teams are assembled in a flexible manner in response to the client’s needs and the skills required for each mission.

Benoît Sarazin

Benoît Sarazin is the founder of FarWind consulting. He is specialized in disruptive innovations and he is the founder of the FarWind method.

Expert at the OSEO (an organisation supporting businesses through innovation), he is a speaker at the HEC (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris), INSEAD Alumni, APM (an organisation supporting Management Improvement), Cosmetic Valley, the American German Business Club, the Club Innovation for Banks and Insurance, CGPME (Small and Middle Companies Unions) and the CCI (Chambers of Commerce and Industry).

Benoît SarazinEngineer, graduate of Telecom ParisTech, Benoît started his career as a CFO at France Telecom where he became an adept at selecting the right strategies to obtain tangible results. He then learned about disruptive innovations on the job whilst he was Marketing Director at Hewlett Packard in the heart of the Silicon Valley. He mastered the art of succesfully carrying out innovations in fast moving high-tech markets.

Bolstered from these experiences, he founded Farwind Consulting in 2001 and formalised the FarWind method. He has expanded its reach beyond the high-tech sector. He shares his passion and enthousiasm in his counseling missions and his conferences.

The members of Farwind consulting’s team

Laurence Lehmann-Ortega : formulation of growth strategies

Martine Morel : detection oflatent needs

Jean-Marc Schoettl: development of new business models

Philippe Cahen: creation of contrasting visions of the future based on weak signals.

Christian Long : coordination of scenario planning

Laurence Mine : formulation of sustainable development strategies.

Bénédicte Maître : international partner research.

Michel Flottes : fixing the malfunctioning elements of organisations.

Robert Dilts : business visions creation.

Jean-Marie Stiffel : Self marketing, to choose and be chosen.


Conférence, 4 october 2018
Quimper-Cornouaille Technolopole, Quimper, France

Conference, 21 june & 19 july 2018
"Risks of disruption in the Accountancy Expertise Profession"
"The innovation communities' contributions to face disruption"
CEG's days at the Espace Athènes, Paris, France

Workshop, 28 may 2018
"Innovation communities"
Innovation Day 2018, at the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci,
Paris La Défense, France